Thursday 17 October 2013

Moving on to John


We've finished reading through Matthew, so next we're going to make a start in John.

Hold on, there are four gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. So why are we not moving on to Mark? For one thing, I'm itching to get stuck into John. So are at least two of my readers. Matthew, Mark and Luke are known as the synoptic gospels because they give a similar view of events and share quite a bit of material. John is rather different.

John focusses more on spiritual issues and he places some historical events in a different sequence. Deliberately so I think, something we might look at as we go along. So to spice things up and provide a bit of variety here's what I propose to do.

Having completed Matthew we'll cover John 1-7 next, then we'll work through Mark, then John 8-14, then Luke, and finally John 15-21. How does that sound?

I just wanted to let you all know to avoid confusion.

Next time I plan to post an introduction to John. From now on I'll provide a bit of background for each gospel before we start working through the chapters. I didn't do that for Matthew so at some point we'll go back and put that right. But don't worry, everything will appear in the right place in the Index so you should be able to find everything quite easily.


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