Monday 14 October 2013

Matthew 27:1-31 - Rejected and mocked

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Many of us know how this feels, at least in terms of verbal rejection and mockery. Some, as in Syria for example, are being rejected and mocked in violent ways - even suffering loss of their homes and sometimes death. Whenever we stand for something we risk being knocked down for it by those who are jealous or angry or afraid. Sometimes it's enough merely to be regarded as "different".

Matthew 27:1-31 shows that it was just the same for Yahshua. The Jewish religious leaders decided he should die. Under Roman rule the death sentence was denied them so they handed him to the Roman governor, Pontius Pilatus. The reasons they gave for a death penalty were flimsy, but the danger of a riot persuaded Pilate to ignore justice in order to maintain public order.

Jesus was mocked and dressed in a red robe. Then he was led out and nailed to a Roman cross to hang and die. During this terrible time he was mocked and scorned again.

Jesus came to be our friend, to show us the Father, to reconcile us. He says it was worth everything he suffered to bring us to him as his bride. We are unbelievably precious to him. He should also be unbelievably precious to us.

Praise him, always!

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