Sunday 6 October 2013

Matthew 24:1-28 - End of the Temple

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Jesus becomes more specific in Matthew 24:1-28. The disciples are impressed by the massive and fine stonework but he speaks clearly to them about the coming destruction of the Temple. And he speaks about the problems and difficulties they will face before the time arrives. He says there will be persecution and even death, and that many will turn from the truth, and that love will grow cold because of the growth of wickedness.

It's likely that Jesus is speaking here of the destruction of the Temple by the Roman General Titus in 70 AD and also perhaps about an end time that is still to come. Does he say things that resonate with you in terms of our own times?

Jesus wants us to stand firm, he warns us about false prophets. He tells us that when he comes it will be clear enough (like lightning illuminating up the entire sky from east to west). Rumourmongers are like vultures, gathering round times of difficulty like vultures around a dead animal. Don't believe them!

Through all of these hard times, where does our duty lie? We are called to love one another and to help the weak and the impoverished and the suffering. We are to be undeceived and not alarmed. We are to share the good news of the kingdom as widely as we can.

The disciples were impressed by the massive and lavish Temple buildings, but it's not about technology or wealth - either then or in our own day. It's about truth and love and following the Son, bringing glory to the Father, and understanding the signs of the times.

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