Tuesday 15 October 2013

Matthew 27:32-66 - Jesus dies

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In this section, Jesus is crucified, dies and is buried. Matthew 27:32-66 has a lot of very interesting detail and even a whole book wouldn't cover it exhaustively. It's good to look at those details and consider them all carefully, but we're not going to attempt it in this short post.

Instead, look at the big picture. Jesus has been killed by the Roman troops and has been buried. To his followers this must have seemed like a tragic end to something that had been very special. Few of them would have had any hope beyond this point. There would have been a sense of finality, there was no way now that they would see his face or hear his voice again. What were they to do next?

Of course, we know that the story is far from over. In a sense it's just beginning! Jesus had left them plenty of clues. He said he was going to prepare a place for them, he had told them to go to Galillee and that he'd meet them there. He'd told them that he'd be with them always, to the end of the age. And he had said that without him they would be able to do nothing.

Sometimes we feel helpless and insufficient, unable to see a way forward. But in that we are in good company! Peter, James, John and eight other disciples also felt helpless and insufficient, unable to see a way forward.

Just as they would be surprised by his presence among them later, so will we be. Are we ready for that? Do we really expect it? Or will we feel defeated and lost as they must have done? Like those disciples we must wait and see what will happen next!

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