Tuesday 22 October 2013

John 2:1-11 - Water to wine

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The first eleven verses of this chapter (John 1:1-11) form the first of the seven signs in John. This is therefore a very good place to begin a discovery Bible study with not-yet believers. But for our purposes here, what can we learn about the way Jesus deals with the several issues that crop up?

For a start, notice that Jesus was at the wedding feast. His mother was there too, and so were his disciples. We can see immediately that Jesus is ready to join in with the things that the people around him do. [Tweet it!] He is not aloof or legalistic, he has nothing against fun and people enjoying themselves. So it makes sense for us to act the same way. If you want people to feel comfortable in your presence do not be a party pooper. Just don't do that!

Many people won't go near church because they think the people there will be old-fashioned, stuffy and steeped in tradition and religious rules. So host parties, invite people to a barbecue in your garden, get involved with social activities where you live.

Not only was he there, he was willing to help out with the wine supply. So don't tell people they must not drink alcohol. Jesus drank wine. It is a bad idea to get drunk, and it's worse to become an alcoholic, so there are valid reasons for some people to avoid alcohol. But for most people most of the time, a glass of wine (or beer, or cider) is just fine - providing they are not about to drive a car or fly a plane.

Here's the take home lesson, if Jesus is to be central in our lives, we need to be a part of the society we live in. [Tweet it!] How will we reach people or bless people or pray or encourage or make them think or love them if we set ourselves apart? We must avoid sin of course, but we must not be afraid to engage in society. Jesus ate with prostitutes and social outcasts like the tax collectors. And so should we.

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