Friday 4 October 2013

Matthew 22:23-46 - Understanding the truth

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And now the Sadducees approach him with a question of their own (Matthew 22:23-46). They seem to be much very interested in details of doctrine and teaching, and their specific question is about resurrection. The Pharisees believed the dead would return to life in the end times, the Sadducees did not.

Their argument failed so the Pharisees again tested Jesus, sending an expert in the Law to question him. Not only did he answer well, Jesus then asked them about the Messiah and confounded them again. Matthew tells us that they were so dumbfounded that they stopped questioning him at that point.

If we could meet Jesus in open conversation, what would our questions be? It's interesting to wonder. What would you choose to ask him? Or would you just sit and listen?

It's very clear that Jesus is far less interested in theological points about resurrection or the Law than he is about love. When he says that loving the Mighty One and loving one another are the basis for all the Law, he is taking a new line. And we need to listen to him, hear what he is saying, and then do it. Love is the key. Love is the most important thing. That is a simple message, far simpler than arguments concerning the Law.

Doctrine and theological argument often divide us. If instead we focussed on love, there would be no danger of division.

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