Thursday 31 October 2013

John 5:31-47 - Testimonies

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Jesus continues speaking to the Jewish religious leaders in John 5:31-47. And it would have been rather uncomfortable to have been on the receiving end of this stuff.

Jesus speaks of the need for independent witnesses. It is not sufficient for a person to testify on their own behalf. John the Baptist testifies for Jesus, but the work that the Father has given him is a far greater testimony. [Tweet it!]And not only does Jesus' work testify for him, so also does the Father who sent him.

Jesus tells them plainly that they study the Old Testament thinking it's the source of eternal life. But all the time they fail to see that the words they read allude to Jesus' own arrival and work. And he also criticises then for glorifying one another yet failing to search for the glory from Elohim. Jesus tells them that Moses himself will accuse them. They don't believe what Moses wrote so how will they ever believe what Jesus says?

We need to believe what Moses wrote and what Jesus says. Do we?

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