Thursday 10 October 2013

Matthew 25:1-30 - Virgins and talents

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Once more, Jesus shares two parables with his listeners. Remember that he's just been talking about the destruction of the Temple, the trouble that lies ahead, and  that he will come unexpectedly. Now he presses home the message about needing to be ready and engaged in the work he has given us.

Matthew 25:1-13 is a story about the young women who were not ready with spare oil when the bridegroom arrived. Matthew 25:14-30 covers the servants entrusted with funds while their master was away.

In both cases we see the need to be dealing with things now, because the opportunity ends when the Son of Man finally appears. It's clear that for Jesus, this is a very important thing for us to know and do. This is, he says, what the kingdom of heaven will be like.

What does the "kingdom of heaven" truly mean? It means the rule and authority that is from beyond this world that we know so well. And that rule and authority from beyond will arrive suddenly and unexpectedly. When it does, it will be too late to be obedient because time will have run out. So if we are going to obey the Master, let's do it now.

Jesus says it's foolish to be unprepared (Matthew 25:3). And he gives out the tasks according to our ability (Matthew 25:15) so we have absolutely no excuse for failure.

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