Monday 30 September 2013

Matthew 20:17-34 - Dying for life

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Matthew 20:17-34 tells us a lot about the character and nature of Jesus. It falls naturally into three parts, Jesus speaks about his coming death in Jerusalem, he deals with Zebedee's wife and sons, and he heals two blind men.

This is about as stressful as life gets! Imagine you are setting out on a journey that you know will end in your painful and desperate death, that you are having to deal with your followers jockeying for position and criticising one another, and people are stopping you along the way asking for help.

At a time like that I would be a gibbering wreck looking for a way out, grumpy and more than a tad impatient. Just look at some of the words associated with Jesus in this short passage...

Delivered over to the chief priests and teachers - condemn to death - hand over to the Gentiles - mock, flog, crucify - raise to life - ask a favour - drink the cup - indignant - servant, slave - ransom - shout - have mercy - we want our sight.

Jesus took it all and dealt with it patiently, graciously, and determinedly. He came to serve, first the Father, then the people around him.

Read the passage through with this in mind, then consider your own response to others when you're under heavy pressure and extreme stress. He is such an example for us. Can you follow him deeper into patience and grace in your own daily life?

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