Tuesday 24 September 2013

Matthew 17:14-27 - Healing and tax

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In Matthew 17:14-20, the disciples want to know why they were unable to cast out a demon. Jesus explains that it's because they lack faith. We can learn a lot from these few verses.

Jesus is approachable, the father kneels before him as he pleads for his son and he shows much more faith than the disciples. They couldn't heal the boy but he still thinks Jesus can.

Think about some of the amazing things the disciples have experienced in the recent past and then ask why they still doubt. They've seen walking on water, feeding many with little (twice), Jesus glorified on the mountain, and many healings and throwing out of demons.

Why do we doubt? Or, more paticularly, who do we doubt?

But in considering these things we may miss something else at least as important. Jesus is approachable, the Most High has come to live amongst us and he doesn't demand any sort of special treatment. He eats with prostitutes and tax collectors, is approachable by a distraught father, and listens to requests. How we need to be like him! If we are not, how are we going to reach a lost and broken world?

In Matthew 17:22-27 Jesus mentions that he must die. He also deals with the Temple tax in an unusual way. We are not subject to the rules imposed upon us by other people, in particular we are not subject to religious rules. We are children of the Most High. Our Father is not of this world.

Do we remember this as often as we should?

Faith, Jesus' death, and our spiritual citizenship are closely connected to one another. Think about that. What does it imply for your daily life?

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