Monday 2 September 2013

Matthew 9:1-17 - Calling Matthew

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Jesus and the disciples return to Capernaum on the northern side of the Sea of Galilee. Notice how he deals with the paralysed man, what prompted him to heal this person? Right here we begin to see some of the scribes thinking ill of Jesus; his reaction is to demonstrate his authority, equating healing with forgiveness.

Although people were afraid they nonetheless gave glory to the Almighty, recognising the source of Jesus' authority.

And at this point Jesus calls Matthew to follow him, the author of this gospel account. He gets up and follows. There were many tax-collectors at the meal described next, quite possibly because they were Matthew's friends. What does this tell us about hospitality and the value of bringing friends into Jesus' presence? If Jesus is willing to eat with the dregs of society, shouldn't we do the same? Are we simply merciful? Or do we think rituals are the way forward? Do we see mercy as a form of worship? If not, why not? Will religious rituals help us? What do you regard as worship?

John's disciples wanted to know the answer to this same question and Jesus explains that a new covenant will mean new ways of doing things.

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