Friday 13 September 2013

Matthew 13:44-58 - Treasures and rejection

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This is the third post from chapter 13 of Matthew. In Matthew 13:44-58 we find three more parables about the kingdom of heaven and a record of how Yahshua was rejected in his own home town.

It's clear that the kingdom is precious yet may go unnoticed like treasure hidden in a field. So finding it is a big deal and a cause of excitement, and obtaining it is worth everything. But it's also like the net, it gathers up good and bad alike and a time of sorting out is required. How excited are we about the kingdom? Are we really prepared for the next thing he will do?

In verses 51 and 52 Jesus is speaking of the Jewish religious scholars. When people like them are trained in kingdom living they can draw upon good things from both the Law and the kingdom, old and new. The Law is not abolished, it is still precious, still a treasure. Are we able to bring out both old and new treasure? Jesus not only teaches what is new, he also illuminates what is old.

When he returned to Nazareth and taught there he was recognised as the son of the building contractor, Joseph. They thought they knew him, they had employed him to build doors and windows and repair roofs, they were troubled by his new teaching. Are we sometimes like the people of Nazareth? Do we think we know who Jesus is and what he is like? Does this make his mighty works less likely among us? Is he far different than we expect?

We need to keep asking these hard questions. Considering them and answering them will help us grow in spiritual wisdom and understanding.

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