Sunday 15 September 2013

Matthew 14:23-36 - Walking on water

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Following the feeding of thousands of people with just five loaves and two fish, Jesus sends the disciples away in the boat, gets the crowd to go home, and walks up a mountain to pray. He has just heard the news about John the Baptist's death and the crowd had prevented him from spending time alone. Late at night he walks across the Sea of Galilee towards the boat (Matthew 14:23-36).

The disciples are scared when they see him. But Jesus' words calm them and Peter joins him briefly on the water.

Notice how the storm died away when Jesus entered the boat, and that the disciples worshipped him as the Son of the Most High. Did he prevent them from doing this? What does that tell us about who he is?

Also notice how he was recognised in Gennesaret and the faith they had in him. He is both approachable and well worth approaching. Can we learn something from this? Think especially in terms of what may happen as we introduce people to him. Like the people of Gennesaret we need to recognise him, go and get others, have faith in him, and ask him for help and healing.

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