Friday 21 March 2014

John 11:1-16 - Lazarus dies

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When Jesus hears of Lazarus' illness he says it will not end in death but that it has a purpose. Through this illness, the Son will be glorified. Jesus waits a couple of days, and then decides to head back to Judaea where the religious leaders had so recently wanted to stone him. When the disciples query the wisdom of going back he mentions light and darkness. This would have puzzled them greatly!

Although the disciples misunderstand much that Jesus tells them, they also seem to know that he is their only hope. They know that he has the words of truth, even though they are confused. They know they must continue to follow him even if, as Thomas says, they must die in the attempt.

Their failure to understand the things Jesus teaches yet their willingness, even determination, to follow him is a real example to us. We should be the same. When we think we understand we should follow Jesus, and when we are confused or puzzled we should also follow him. Obedience doesn't depend on knowledge, it depends on trust followed by hearing and doing [Tweet it!]. If I really trust Jesus I will do anything he asks, even if it involves serious danger.

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