Wednesday 2 April 2014

John 11:17-44 - Lazarus lives!

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Yahshua arrives late, Lazarus has been dead for four days. Martha shows extraordinary trust in him; she knows he could have saved her brother if he'd come sooner, yet she rules nothing out. All things are possible for Jesus, and Martha believes it. So should we.

Their conversation is brief, but is focussed on who Jesus is and on the idea of returning life following death. Martha believes in eventual life at the last day and she knows who Jesus is - the Messiah. Mary and others were in tears, mourning for the loss of Lazarus and Jesus is greatly moved by this. He was troubled and he, too was tearful. It's very clear that Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of the Most High, is also a very normal human being. He loved Lazarus, Mary and Martha, he is touched by their distress. If ever we doubt that Jesus is human we can turn to this passage for a powerful reminder.

When he asked them to move the stone blocking the tomb, Martha objected. The body would have begun to decay by this time. But he reminds them that he has told them that Yahweh's glory will be revealed if they believe - and they roll back the stone. Notice his words here. Jesus speaks for the benefit of those around him; he wants them to believe.

All it takes is a direct and loud command, 'Come out'. And Lazarus, dead Lazarus, decaying Lazarus obeys! Here is a deep insight, I am dead and touched by the decay and sin of a spoiled world. But when Jesus commands me to come out of this world and follow him, I obey. Out I come, and all the glory is the Father's. And, like Lazarus, once I am alive in Christ I need to be dressed as one who is living, not as one who is dead [Tweet it!]. I know what this means for me. What does it mean for you? And, having come out and had the grave clothes removed, I am free to go. Free to go in Jesus name! HalleluYah!

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