Monday 3 March 2014

John 9:20-41 - Be like a Pharisee?

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The parents affirm that the man is their son, and that he was born blind, but they tell the Pharisees that their son will speak for himself on the matter of how he is now able to see. They are being cautious and want to avoid trouble.

The man himself answers that he only knows that he can now see. He irritates them by pointing out that such a miracle is unheard of and concluding that Jesus must, therefore, be a holy person.

They throw him out, but Jesus goes to find him. These are opposite actions; who will we emulate in our own lives - the Pharisees or Jesus? Sometimes we are frustrated by people and no longer want to listen to them or spend time with them. People hurt us, disappoint us, annoy us, are unkind to us; it's tempting to throw such people out of our lives and bar them from returning. That's just human nature, isn't it?

Well, yes it is! But if we follow Jesus and believe in him we are called to be like him. In fact, we are to be like our Father in heaven [Tweet it!], who sends his rain and sunshine on all alike - evil and good. Jesus came to show us the Father, and in our lives it's important that we go to show people the Son. If Jesus lives in me, how can I behave unlike him? He goes out to find people, he draws people to the truth. And I must do the same.

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