Monday 25 November 2013

Mark 6:1-13 - Being sent

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Back in his home town of Nazareth, Jesus taught in the synagogue and performed miracles. But although they were amazed, they also thought they knew who he was - a local building contractor. And they knew his family, so they didn't believe. Familiarity, they say, breeds contempt. (Mark 6:1-6)

Do we all underestimate the value of people we know well? It's quite likely.

And when he sent out the disciples (Mark 6:7-13), he left strong hints for us about the things he expects from us as he sends us out into our contemporary world. Let's see how many we can find.

First of all, Jesus demonstrates what to do before he sends; he took his disciples on a teaching tour, moving from village to village.

Then he says, 'It's your turn now'. And he sends them out in pairs.

He gives them authority. His authority is granted to us so that we can work on his behalf.

They are to go unprepared. Maybe this is a key point that we often overlook. When we are on Jesus' business we should not prepare because he has already done that [Tweet it!]. He knows what situation he is sending you into so depend on his preparation not your own. This makes us nimble and responsive - and dependent.

Stay in the place that is open and receptive. When you're made welcome, don't be hasty to leave.

If nobody welcomes you, move on. Don't flog a dead horse.

Call people to repentence.

Drive out demons and heal the sick. In other words, do what Jesus does.

Is all this complicated? No, it's very simple. Do we find it hard? Yes, because we don't think the way Jesus does. We need to change our thinking, listen, and obey.

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