Sunday 24 November 2013

Mark 5:21-43 - Raising the dead

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Sometimes we get focussed on the thing we have decided to do next. But Jesus is always willing to be interrupted. He doesn't get angry or impatient; he is never rude (though he can be very assertive). He always has time for people and he cares about the details of every person's life.

So he listened to Jairus and went with him to lay hands on his dying daughter. But on the way he took the time to identify and speak with the woman who had touched his cloak and been healed of persistent bleeding. It's interesting to note that she was perpetually unclean because of the bleeding, and touching Jesus had now made him ritually unclean too. But Jairus, who has a position of religious authority and must have seen and heard what happened, ignores the ritual aspects. We need to get our priorities right! Jairus' priority was to see his daughter healed.

Taking only the girl's parents, Peter, James and John, he held the twelve-year-old's hand and simply told her to get up. And she did!

See how Yahshua cares about the 'little' things. We think they're little, to him they are important [Tweet it!]. He insists on finding the woman and tells her to go in peace (wholeness); he tells Jairus not to be afraid at the report of the girl's death, and he tells them to give her something to eat. We are called to care in the same way, to really care about the little things as well as the great things.

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