Saturday 9 November 2013

John 7:25-53 - Affecting people

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People were still discussing whether Jesus was, in fact, the promised Messiah. Some thought that he could not be, many were sure that he was because of the miracles he did. Some wanted to arrest him, but nobody made any move against him. There was confusion; people couldn't agree how to respond to his teaching. (John 7:25-53)

It's just the same today, isn't it? Some people believe that Jesus is indeed the Messiah. That he is Elohim in human form, the Son of the Father and the sender of the Spirit. People like this accept that he performed wonders and still does so today through his people who call on his name. Some, also believing him to be the Messiah, are of the opinion that although he is King of kings and Lord of lords the time for signs and wonders has long passed.

Some say that he was a great teacher from Galilee, but he was only an ordinary human being. Still others deny he even existed, believing all the gospel accounts to be myth. Some are offended by him and persecute his followers. The people are still divided 'because of Jesus'. (John 7:43)

Jesus had an enormous impact on those who met him. Even the Temple guards sent to arrest him returned empty-handed, saying, 'Nobody ever taught like this man does!' Nicodemus stood up for Jesus, but they just ridiculed him and accused him of lack of learning.

Jesus produces all sorts of reactions in people. Pay attention to your friends, neighbours and colleagues and you'll find this is true. But notice that Jesus accepted these differences. He gave counter-arguments but he didn't try to persuade anyone who didn't choose to be persuaded. So be prepared to tell people what you know about Jesus and demonstrate his nature in the way you live. But approach people as Jesus himself did; encourage people to be persuaded, but remember that in the end they must persuade themselves. [Tweet it!]

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