Thursday 7 November 2013

John 6:52-71 - Outrageous teaching

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In the final section of this long but significant chapter (John 6:52-71), some of Jesus' followers abandon him because of the difficulty of his teaching.

The difficulty is not in what he meant, it's in the words and ideas he uses to put his meaning across. To receive meaning we must hear, listen, understand, and accept (See 1, 2). If something interferes with one of those steps we are unable to accept what is said.

What part of the process failed for the Jewish religious leaders? (John 6:52) What part failed for 'many of [Jesus'] disciples'? (John 6:66). And why did the twelve continue to stay with Jesus?

We are no different from the people who rejected his teaching at that time. When we don't understand something we are unable to accept what we hear; it makes no sense or seems outrageous. [Tweet it!]

It's interesting (and important) to consider which of Jesus' many teachings we are still not accepting. Can you identify some in your own life? What can you do to understand more clearly? Hint: the Holy Spirit might have a role here. Ask and you will receive.

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