Friday 20 December 2013

Mark 10:1-31 - What really matters

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The current theme (see notes for 18th and 19th December) continues in chapter 10, Jesus is still focussing on the kingdom's back to front nature and the need for his followers to imitate him in choosing the path of humility, emptiness and weakness [Tweet it!].

In Mark 10:1-12 we again see Jesus deliberately contrasting kingdom living with the Law. He answers the Pharisee's question by explaining that the Law exists because of hard-heartedness. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and he sets us free. If we always walked as he does, spoke as he does and lived as he does we would always go beyond the law. By bringing ourselves low and serving one another in our marriages we would avoid the need for any law about divorce.

And in Mark 10:13-16 Jesus again refers to the value of a childlike nature. Young children are inherently trusting, dependent, and straightforward. They are never puffed up with self-importance.

Finally, in Mark 10:17-31, we see the need to become less dependent on physical wealth too. Jesus doesn't mean we should all live in poverty. He is showing us that nothing we have should be more important to us than he is. If our wealth prevents us obeying him and following him we would be far better off without it. The same is true for everything that has value to us. Let it go, it cannot offer you eternal life. It should not be more important than Jesus, if it is it had better go.

Whether we think in terms of law, maturity or wealth, we need to cling to it less and learn to cling to Jesus instead. He is our righteousness.

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