Monday 16 December 2013

John 8:39-59 - Abraham's children

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Jesus, still speaking to the gathered Pharisees and leaders, has just suggested that although they are descended from Abraham, they are acting according to another 'father'. They answer, 'Abraham is our father.'

Jesus just points out again that they are trying to kill him and that's not something Abraham would have done. So now they protest that Elohim himself is their only Father.

'In that case', Jesus tells them, 'you would love me because Elohim sent me.' And he tells them plainly that their father is the evil one. They now claim that he is a demon-possessed Samaritan. They stand before the Mighty One in human form and declare him to be demon-possessed!

Eventually he stops them dead in their tracks by saying, 'Before Abraham was born, I am.' These words were not only nonsense to them, they were also blasphemy ('I am' sounds like 'Yahweh', the Holy Name that may not be spoken) and they started to pick up stones. But before they could throw them, Jesus had slipped away and disappeared into the crowd.

Jesus, the Son of the Most High, has come among them and spoken with them; yet they reject him! [Tweet it!] He explained clearly and straightforwardly who he is, and they tried to stone him. Although the time for crucifixion has not yet arrived, they already hold in their hearts the intention of killing him.

Quite simply, they don't believe him. They don't believe he hears from the Father. They don't believe he is a Jew. They don't believe he is demon-free. They don't understand him or hear him or obey him. They do not believe he is greater than Abraham. They don't believe Elohim is his Father. They don't believe he has seen Abraham. They don't believe he is the Son of the Almighty.

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