Sunday 15 December 2013

John 8:21-38 - Who is Jesus?

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Today we are reading John 8:21-38 together.

The religious leaders in Jerusalem have been wrestling with the things Jesus has been telling them, and so far they have failed to understand what he means. And now, speaking in the Temple treasury, he tells them that he is going somewhere, that they will die in their sin, and that they won't be able to follow him. Once again they are puzzled as well as angered.

They want to know who he is. It's an important question for us, too.

Some of them do believe, and to these he says that the truth will set them free. They are puzzled again because they believe they are free, and they claim Abraham as their father.

So just what can we learn from this short passage about who Jesus is? Here are some of the main points.

Verse 20 - He is a teacher and his hour has not yet come. 21 - He is going somewhere and the Jewish leaders cannot follow him. 22 - He is an enigma. 23 - He is from above, he is not of this world. 24 - Those who believe his claims will not die. 25 - He consistently tell us who he is. 26 - He speaks judgement and tells us what he hears the Father say. 27 - He confuses the wise. 28 - He will be lifted up by the Jewish leaders; he is the Son of Man; he does nothing on his own; he speaks what the Father teaches him [Tweet it!]. 29 - The Father is with him; he is not alone; everything he does pleases the Father. 30 - Many believe in him. 31 - He has followers and teaches the truth.

What a Lord! What a King!

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