Thursday 22 August 2013

Matthew 6:19-34 - Anxieties

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Moving on again from giving, prayer and fasting, Jesus now deals with anxiety in Matthew 6:19-34.

Verses 19-24 tell us how he views wealth. This doesn't seem like good news to most of us, it seems we are not to be wealthy. But the good news is that we can be wealthy in heaven. Jesus says that if the things we deem precious are in heaven, our heart will be there too.

Money (and lots of it) is a kind of treasure. But can you think of other things that might be precious to us and divert us from finding treasure in heaven? What else feels vitally important in life? A career? A comfortable home? Safety? Loving anything other than Jesus is a kind of idolatry. I should ask myself, "What are my idols"?

Am I devoted to the Almighty or do I despise him? That is what verse 24 implies.

And this is why we should not be anxious about anything at all - life, food, drink, the body, clothes. So seek first the kingdom and don't worry about tomorrow.

What stands our for you in this passage? How will your life be affected by Jesus' teaching? Will things be different tomorrow from the way they were yesterday as a result of reading and digesting his words? If not - why not? Pray about it. Talk about it.

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