Wednesday 7 August 2013

Matthew 1:1-17 - genealogy

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Today we are starting our journey through Matthew's Gospel. Matthew begins with an account of the male line of descent from Abraham right down to Jesus. It seems a little strange that so much care is taken as Joseph was not Jesus' father, in a sense he was a step-father. But Jesus is King of Kings and was known as 'Son of David', and the genealogy seems to explain that.

Read through Matthew 1:1-17 and consider the genealogy. Why do you think it's here?

The genealogy is carefully divided into three sections, each with fourteen generations. Most of the names are male though a few women are mentioned. Verse one clearly picks out the most important characters, Jesus himself, King David, and Abraham.

What does this passage teach us about Jesus? Why doesn't it go right back to Adam (compare with Luke 3:23-38)?

How important were these details in Jesus' day? To Jews? To Greeks or Romans? How important are they to Western readers today? Or to modern Jews?

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